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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Miss Motivator

On one of our mini cycles, me and JJ went on a cycle to a friends new house , where JJ was going to give some gardening advice. We didn't realise it as we cycled into town we were going with gusty 80km/h winds - no wonder we were going so fast. 

Anyways we thundered along to this house near Glasnevin, and experienced a few ropey crossheadwinds along the way, but otherwise took the wind for granted as we got full benefit fromit. As we passed the Phoenix Park there were hints that there was some event going on within, with a few people wandering around in running gear with goodie bags etc.

Anyways after a spell at my friend's house, we left,and me and JJ parted company, and I left for to go back to Lucan. Once I came out the other side of town I really felt the full force of the winds. Seriously, it was like hitting a wall.... a wall that really wanted me off my bike! I was really struggling along, barely going over 10km/h on a flat stretch of the Conyngham Road - Then something bizarre happened.

A black car with tinted windows pulled up beside me and the passenger window rolled down. This is the point when I usually brace myself to recieve and return abuse for whatever problem this motorist has with cyclists (especially on this stretch, where the cycle lane is thoughtfully shared with car parking spaces).Not this time though. A woman pokes her head out WITH A MEGAPHONE, points it at me and shouts enthusiastically "GO, GO, GO!!!".


Well that was a refreshing motorist-cyclist exchange, and was genuinely spurred on for at least the following 300metres of my  eh, remaining 12km...

Thank you, Miss Mystery Motivator!!